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Travelling campers

with services

One nightIn double, one nightWeek (7 nights)
43.00$ + TX 28.00$ + TX 258.00$ + TX


Non-refundable deposit : The price of one night plus tx.

7 night booking 2 or 3 services - 1 free night

For more than a month, see the owner


Adult (12 year old and more) 5.00$
Child (12 year old and less) 4.00$ 
Dog 5.00$

Season pass

Adult 100.00$
Youth 60.00$
Couple 150.00$
Family 200.00$



Seasonal campers

Lot 1650$
Second refregerator or freezer 55$
Air conditioner 75$
Heater 65$
Washer 60$
Golf cart 200$
Water machine 25$
Golf cart storage 50$
Second dog and more 50$


Off seasonRates
One day 5$
One night 13$
Two night 26$
One night 80$
Water heater 70$
Second vehicle 30$


Prices do not include taxes.


Please note that children of seasonal campers who are over 18 years must have a season pass to enter the site.

Weekend $ 50: 26 and 27 May 2015, 8 and 9 September 2017

For a monthly tenancy, communicate with the owner.

Delayed check out (Usual check out 13:00)

For visitors who book two days or more, check out time may be delayed. To this end, it would be kind of you when booking or on arrival, to ask if it’s possible to postponed your check out time . Generally, we accept to delay your check out time if we don’t have any reservation on your campsite , which is often the case on Sundays.

Politique site rental :

Camping Wigwam offers 78 sites for travellers with water, electricity (15 and / or 30 amps) and / or sewer. Site reservation: We take reservations starting in January.

Conditions :

  • Deposit for booking is the price of one night plus tax and no refundable.

  • If a reservation is cancelled 5 days or more before arrival, a credit  will be included in the camper's file. This credit will apply only for the season reserved. This credit can't be transfered to another camper.

  • No change in rates will be done unless there is a 6 day notice.

  • No refund if a late arrival or an early departure occurs.

  • Campers that forget to cancel their reservation will be billed as posted.

  • At all times, the minimum stay is 2 nights and 3 nights on special holidays( Queen's birthday, St-Jean Baptiste Day, Canada Day, Labor Day and Canadian Thanks Giving)

  • You think arriving after 9.00pm, you must inform us because we reserve ourselves the right to take other reservations and you might lose your reservation.

  • On booking, we’re taking note of your preferences about your campsite’s choice, but we can’t promise a specific field number.


OFF-SEASON packages :

From Mai 1st to June 10 2017

From September 4 to October 9 2017

  • Special off-season discount of 20% off :  34.40$ / night.
  • The regular price for season 2017 is 43.00$ / night

Package Théâtre de la Dame de Coeur

New play: Les Géants de l'Étang

pièce les Géants de l'Étang

Note that theater is closed on Monday & tuesday.

Schedule : from July 5st to August 19th, from Wednesday to Sunday and June and July at 20h30, August at 20h00

Dinner + theater 125.00$ + TX / 2 adults 186.00$ + TX / 2 adults + 2 children
Dinner + 1 night + theater 163.00$ + TX / 2 adults 224.00$ + TX / 2 adults + 2 children


Regular rates

Show 44.50$ + TX / adults 23.00$ TX / children 12 year old and -
Dinner + show 62.50$ + TX / adults 30.50$ TX / children 12 year old and -


For information, please check with Julie.

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